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    Come and join us for the Secondary Leadership Conference Autumn 2023 – 9 October 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    This senior leader curriculum conference seeks to build on the success of the recent half day events by sharing the great work of schools across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with the intention of helping those in attendance learn from and be inspired by the success of others.

    This conference will strengthen awareness about:

    • The elements to be securely in place for supporting students with SEND. 
    • The focus on student learning and developing a culture of self-regulation and self-efficacy. 
    • Ensuring adaptive teaching. 
    • The great practice in our own schools. 
    • Collaboration and good practice sharing.

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    Price: Sub £75 / SLA £30 / Full £90

    Getting your ducks in a row…being Ofsted ready (webinar) – 21 September 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    These webinars are aimed at those secondary schools that are in the Ofsted window during 2023/2024. Participants will be secondary headteachers accompanied by their chairs of governors.

    The online session will include some general reminders about the changes Ofsted have made to the inspection process, including the lived difference between a graded and ungraded inspection. The session will refer to recent school experiences, weave through ongoing changes and adjustments to the framework and provide a practical approach to ensure school leaders remain confident throughout their inspection.

    The webinar will also touch on some of the following aspects of a live inspection:

    • Pre-inspection documentation including the IDSR 
    • The phone call with the lead inspector to set the scene 
    • Supporting the middle leaders to give a good account of their work 
    • Managing the typical inspection timetable 
    • What to do when it feels as if things are going awry 
    • FAQs.

    The webinars will be led by a member of the HIAS Secondary Team and will invite input from some headteachers who have recently experienced inspection.

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    Price: Sub £42 / SLA £25 / Full £50 

    Autumn 23-24 Ofsted briefing - Education Inspection Framework 2019 – 25 September 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    These termly briefings aim to deepen the knowledge and understanding of Headteachers and Chair of Governors in respect of the current Ofsted inspection framework. The sessions are particularly targeted at schools who are likely to be inspected by the end of the summer term 2024.

    There will be opportunities to review information relating to the latest national and local inspection trends and patterns and consider implications for their own school. Additional input will be provided by headteachers of schools that have been recently inspected under the current framework (2019) and members of the Primary Phase Inspector team who support schools through the process.  

    A senior leader and Chairs of Governors are invited to attend but do not need to book a place. Headteachers who have booked a place will receive the course details, which they should share.

    The course price entitles a school to three places at the briefing (the Headteacher, Senior Leader and Chair of Governors).

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Ofsted Framework

    Price: Sub £175 / SLA £95 / Full £210

    Take part in the Autumn 23-24 Secondary Performance and Progress Group (PAPG) Network – 8 November 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    The primary aims of the subject network meetings are to:

    • Ensure a clear understanding of the national picture and its application in local and school contexts. 
    • Support effective subject leadership as appropriate to each school’s individual context. 
    • Develop skills, expertise and capacity within school subject leaders and their teams through quality strategic CPD and the sharing of good practice. 
    • Deepen understanding of subject specific pedagogy and knowledge that underpins good progress and attainment for ALL pupils. 
    • Facilitate school to school networking and develop strength across the system.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Secondary Autumn PAPG

    Price: Sub £75 / SLA £40 / Full £90 

    Come join us at the Aspiring Primary Headteachers Programme 2023-24 - 29 September, 13 October, 23 November 2023, 10 January, 8 February, 29 February and 20 March 2024

    by Hannah Richardson -

    The Hampshire Primary Programme for those preparing for headship within the next two years.

    This professional development is designed to empower deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers and Head of School leaders to have a sharper impact in their current roles and to prepare leaders for headship.

    The aim is to develop aspiring headteachers: giving the leadership skills, depth of knowledge, theory, breadth of understanding and confidence to take on the challenging but exciting role of being a headteacher.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Aspiring Headteachers 

    Price: Sub £1080 / SLA £750 / Full £1296

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