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    Curriculum Workshops for Primary Schools  16 September 2019

    LMS Code: SNRL_90177CRS

    An update of the recent research about what an effective curriculum might include. This will also be a practical, hands -on workshop to test out your current practice with other colleagues. You will also feel more confident about answering questions about the intent and implementation and impact of the school curriculum.

    Making Headway – various dates

    West: 19 September 2019 (SNRL_10254CRS)
    East: 11 October 2019 (SNRL_10257CRS)

    “I have found the Making Headway course the best professional development I have ever done".  Are you a senior teacher aspiring to deputy/assistant headship? Making Headway will give you a clear understanding of the rewards and challenges of this role and will prepare you for the next step on your career pathway. Three centre based days and five school based afternoons. The programme also includes a practice application and interview session. Please download course flyer above for further details.

    Stepping with Confidence in to Secondary Senior Leadership – 23 September 2019

    LMS Code: SNRL_10140CRS 

    Delivered by the Secondary HIAS Inspector, this in-depth programme is aimed at established middle leaders who are thinking about the next steps in their career path, or highly aspirational teachers who are secure in their subject, who have led others and wish to explore their potential for senior leadership.  Please download course flyer above for further details.

    Federation Leaders Network Meeting – 25 September 2019

    LMS Code: SNRL_10292CRS

    An opportunity for federation leaders to network, share good practice and develop leadership practice.

    Pupil Premium – New to Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged Leadership – 01 October 2019

    LMS Code: SNRL_90173CRS

    An opportunity for staff new to the leadership of the Disadvantaged agenda to strengthen Pupil Premium leadership and impact positively on outcomes. The course uses research, effective practice and action planning to enhance the leaders development of systems, provision and the curriculum.

    Familiarisation for New Headteachers - Introductory Day – 22 October 2019

    LMS Code: SNRL_09784CRS

    A one-day briefing for new head teachers who will be given information about key contacts and the content of 'familiarisation' and will be able to plan the support they require in the early phase of their headship

    Aspiring Middle Leadership Development Programme (formerly Three Steps Ahead) – 06 December 2019

    LMS Code: MIDL_90180CRS

    Three Steps Ahead has a proven track record in growing school leaders. The programme will develop your leadership skills through a combination of active learning, research, feedback, mentoring and peer networking, enabling you to feel confident about taking the next step on the leadership path.  The course is six full day sessions.  Please register your interest via

    Transformational Coaching for Leaders in Education – starts January 2020 - waiting list in operation

    LMS Code: SNRL_10224CRS

    Do you want to learn how to engage others effectively, to grow in courage and resilience and to inspire change?  This three-day course will help you achieve this.  'Through discovering how to develop yourself, you will learn how to develop your people'.  Over the sessions you will observe the coaching process and give feedback, identify a development goal to practise and receive whole group feedback on the goal progress. Learning is complemented by course reading and keeping a coaching practice reflective journal. Please download course flyer above for further details.

    Research Learning Networks: Delivering Research Informed School Improvement  new dates TBA

    Contact to book your place

    A project for schools interested in using this approach to an aspect of their school improvement agenda delivered jointly between Professor Chris Brown University of Portsmouth and HIAS. The programme includes two day and two half days sessions led by Chris and HIAS team attended by a classroom practitioner (Headteacher/Senior Leader is invited to attend session 1 and 2). Please download course flyer above for further details.

    High Quality Teaching and Learning: Developing and Leading a Whole School Strategy  Dates TBA

    LMS Code: SNRL_10101CRS

    This course will explore key current thinking about pedagogy, strategies to engage staff, approaches to developing a whole school culture and ensuring high quality professional development that builds a school’s capacity. Delegates will be able to build networks with facilitated support, and make links with experienced lead practitioners.

    Aspiring Headteacher Programme (Primary) - 'Exceptional Primary Strategic Leadership' – starts June 2020

    LMS Code: SNRL_10259CRS
    Contact to register an interest

    The Hampshire Primary Programme for those preparing for headship within the next two years.  Designed to empower DHT, AHT and HoS leaders to have a sharper impact in their current roles and to prepare leaders for headship.  The programme will strengthen the impact of leaders within their current schools and give them the confidence, skills and knowledge to apply for and successfully secure a headship in the future.  For more information please download the flyer above.