Teaching and learning support

Bespoke support that offers practical, collaborative advice to improve standards of teaching and learning

The HIAS Teaching and Learning team provide practical experience across all key stages and in all subjects. They give practical and supportive advice through bespoke coaching by working alongside a range of teachers, focusing on targets to improve outcomes for all pupils. They also work with a range of middle and senior leaders to develop the coaching model in schools. 


  • Secure rapid improvement in the quality of teaching and learning with teachers and a range of senior and middle leaders.
  • Observe, identify, and demonstrate excellent classroom practice with a range of teachers in their classrooms.
  • Coach and empower teaching and learning leaders to improve capacity in schools.

The model:

A ‘plan, do, review’ approach to teaching and learning which will broadly include observation, personal target setting with areas given to improve, planning, demonstration of lessons and team teaching. The model focuses on impact within the classroom.

The process:

Support can be any number of days but usually involves a six week period of one day each week but this can be adapted depending on the needs of the school.

Broadly the process involves:

  • Initial meetings with the headteacher and senior leaders to establish needs.
  • Initial meeting with teachers to discuss the programme of support.
  • Observation of teachers with practical advice given and targets set.
  • A planning session followed by demonstration of lessons by the Teaching and Learning Adviser or Hampshire Leading Teacher.
  • Sessions of team teaching.
  • Final observation to measure impact.                                         


'The impact of the work has been phenomenal’.                                    

‘You really have made a huge difference to our most vulnerable young people's, experience.’                                

 ‘She (Sarah) strikes an excellent balance between challenge and support’.