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Come along and Connect with Nature – 24 June 2024

Come along and Connect with Nature – 24 June 2024

by Hannah Richardson -
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Connecting to nature is a key first step to engaging pupils in conversations around conservation and climate change. Learn how to lead nature connectedness sessions for your pupils, designed to improve well-being, reduce stress and to empower participants to take positive action for themselves and for nature.

This relaxing and engaging session will enable participants to:

  • Experience first-hand the well-being benefits of connecting to nature.
  • Learn simple and accessible techniques to model connecting to and appreciating the wonder of nature to young people in a way that inspires confidence and engagement.
  • Learn how to use the natural world as a hook to engage young people in science and the environment.
  • Encourage a sense of belonging to the natural world such that this inspires a sense of stewardship and desire to learn more.

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Price: Sub £75 / SLA £0 / Full £90

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